Our Story

Nothing is better than being able to share music with the community. It's something that we take rather seriously at Plumb Theatre, yet we do it in a creative and fun manner.

Since beginning more than a decade ago, we've come to play a bigger role in the music community than just a place where people come for for a show twice a week. Our theatre has grown because we involve ourselves with local bands and with players from all over. The more people we meet and musicians we interact with the more we learn - which allows us to be better teachers and mentors. Young people play a big role on our stage.

No matter how long we play guitar and how many songs we sing, we are always learning . That's the real beauty of playing music - it is a journey and not a destination, and one we really love being a part of.

The Uprights

  • Paul Maloy
  • Jody Green
  • Max Thompson
  • Albert Thompson
  • Mattie Maloy
  • Cookie Eller
  • Faye Wingo