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Paul Maloy got into music at the age of 15 when his parents bought a house, and he found an abused and neglected guitar inside. He was enrolled in woodshop, so, he took the guitar to school, repaired it, polished it, put on some strings, and a neighbor taught him a few chords.   Maloy went into the Army in 1955, was sent to Korea, where he joined some musicians who performed in Enlisted Men Clubs (EM), and non-commissioned officer corps (NCO). After being discharged, he came home and started playing with a band at VFW's.

In 1987, George Straight cut a song written by Paul and Paul's son, David-"Someone's Walking Round Upstairs".  The song appeared on the album, Oceanfront Property", which quickly went platinum and then double platinum.

In 2003, thanks to the windfall from George Straight, the junk-bait-hardware business had evolved into the PLUMB THEATRE, a snug room with theater seating and stage where the Maloys and others perform Gospel music on Fridays and traditional country music on Saturdays-7 to 9pm.

Bob Everhart, President of the National Traditional Country Music Association, dropped by and played at the Plumb Theatre in 2004. Bob thought Paul should be inducted into the Hall of Fame. In 2006, Paul was inducted  and sometimes he and his band, The Travelin' Uprights, would play 30 to 40 shows a week promoting Country and Gospel music in Iowa.

Paul still does 2 shows a week at 82 years of age! Time can't slow down the music!

It's Been a Good Ride

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